Tess started her consulting career with Corporate Vision which was awarded in the BRW Top 100 of fastest growing Australian companies five years in a row.

Tess worked on many large accounts during her time with this business. Tess then joined global consulting group Axialent where she developed her coaching and facilitating skills with an international client portfolio.

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Client interviews

Executive General Manager

Tracy Green
Executive General Manager Product & Underwriting at IAG

What outcomes were you seeking when you started working with Tess?

When I first started working with Tess I'd just been promoted into a new position. I wanted to take some of my natural leadership capability and be more purposeful with it. I wanted to understand what it was that I was doing and work in a more structured way. I was coming from a comfortable role that I really loved into an executive role that needed much broader leadership perspective.

What sort of results came from engaging Tess?

She was pretty amazing actually. She has the ability to be able to reflect and put questions to you. As you're talking through what it is that you're thinking about or feeling she helps you take that further. I was working out where I get my energy from and what is my purpose and what value do I bring to my role.

We had a very good connection. Up front, it was a very trusting easy relationship. Tess has the ability to bring those ka-pow questions into the conversation. You can think about what it is that you're really wanting. That’s the value that Tess brings. She creates a non-judgemental, very safe environment, which is challenge intensive at the same time.

What other benefits came from the work? Were there any that you weren't expecting?

Oh yes, so many really. I think I'm much more centred as a person now. Our work wasn't just really about my career, it was also about my personal aspirations. It was about creating life balance. Tess helped me talk through and work out what's really important. She helped me clarify;

- what drives me,

- the personal connection that I want to make with people,

- the value that could come from that,

- how to balance myself,

- how to take care of myself as well as others.

I went through a deeply personal journey working with her. I've had coaches in the past, but I really haven't experienced that connection before. This really set me up to become a much more centred, more purposeful leader. I’m more able to engage with others. I’m more able to bring myself to the table, as well as establish that balance between work and personal life. It’s been quite an extraordinary change.

What did you like most about working with her?

Tess is just completely non-judgemental. There is a caring sense of connection that she brings into the environment. It is non-threatening, but still being able to explore and push. It's that balance that is Tess’s skill.

How would you describe her communication style?

Tess is direct. She can explore what's really going on with you and reflect that back. A lot of clarity comes from that process. She doesn't muck around. She does think, she does listen and she does care.

How well did Tess understand the challenges from a business perspective that you were facing?

Tess knows organisations and how organisation work when it comes to relationships. She’s very astute about how people interact within system, and the value that can be created. She knows what makes organisations tick. She's is highly intelligent. She gets what you're talking about. Tess knows the way a system comes together, the people and the interpersonal relationships, and how that can help or hinder things.

Did you have measurable results?

Yes. I had personal development goals. These were quite focused around quite measurable outcomes to see whether or not I was hitting the mark. The feedback was quite specific. I could see the progression.

What were some of the main areas of growth you saw during your work with Tess?

I would say I came out being a good leader. I believe I’m considered to be one of the strongest leaders in the organisation. I’ve developed a clearer understanding of what I’m doing. I bring my whole self to work. This enables me to connect with people as a leader. My purpose today is very, very different to what it would have been in the past. I know where I get my own energy from and how I help others connect with their energy and motivation. All this has come about as a result of that coaching relationship with Tess.

Are there any other benefits do you think?

I wouldn't downplay the whole life balance aspect. It wasn’t just a business coaching exercise. There were other things came out of the process for me. I lost 20 kilos through that journey. That was about taking better care of myself. I learnt to make sure that I’m able to be the best that I can bein every part of my life. It's been very much a whole of life experience. I love Tess. She's just been extraordinary.

What are the words that best sum up Tess as a change coach?

She creates connection very easily. She builds trust and safety. This non-judgment sits alongside the challenge.

You've had coaches before, what's the key point of difference?

I think the deep listening and the ability to bring the power of the question into the room. That is quite a skill.

What would you say to somebody who's considering working with Tess to transform the way they lead?

I'd say take the leap. I think she's an amazing coach. It comes down to how open you are as an individual to really engage with that. It is completely safe. I would rate her as the one to help you on that journey. She is fantastic. Extraordinary.

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