To run a successful and sustainable business there are three dimensions to focus on:



This is not I.T. It actually refers to people spending energy in the ‘it’ dimension when they are producing and thinking about tangibles. These might be profit, reports or projects etc.  Focus here is essential. However, it is not the only dimension that needs the attention of leaders in order to run a successful business.  Much to some people’s despair.




Another dimension that requires focus and attention is the ‘we’ dimension. This dimension focuses on the interpersonal aspects of running a business.

Focus here is also essential. Building teams, creating trusting relationships with all stakeholders, engaging with people, alignment with values, treating people with respect. How much focus and energy do you spend in this dimension?




The third dimension is called the ‘I’ space. This is usually the most neglected of the three. This is focus and time spent on sharpening your leadership sword. It is time reflecting on what is working and what isn’t. Is is about getting feedback and acting on it as well as focusing on your personal growth. It is about getting out of your personal comfort zone and getting curious about what potential you have yet to discover about yourself.

Your leaders need to pay attention to all three dimensions so that they can lead well and assist the business to be successful. Tess has skills in coaching and facilitating people in the 'I'  and 'We' dimensions in the true service of the 'It'.

"How you think about people is how you treat them,
and how you treat them is how they become."

– Ghandi