About Tess

Tess Tholstrup is an organisational psychologist specialising in leadership development.

Businesses are operating in a rapidly changing environment. This is creating the need for a different style of leadership. Managers need to be adaptable, ethical and capable of engaging workforce commitment. Tess works with all levels of management. She builds clarity of purpose and confident leadership. Tess focuses on building leadership capacity and aligning teams to achieve results.

Tess has over 1,500 hours experience coaching people across a broad range of levels, industries and countries. She specialises in creating conversations where leaders learn how to:

  • communicate more effectively,
  • build trust,
  • learn how to operate within complex systems,
  • learn how to self-reflect,
  • hold people accountable,
  • collaborate and build relationships across organisations.
In addition to her coaching hours, Tess also has 1,000 hours of debriefing 360 tools like;
  • The Leadership Circle (TLC)
  • Life Style Inventories (LSI).
Tess has facilitated and co-designed;
  • over 100 leadership workshops designed and facilitated internal Train the Trainer processes
  • conducted 100’s of team member interviews