Leadership Coaching

“Tess is the person to work with if you’re really prepared to take feedback on board, and make some changes to hard wired habits."

You might belong to an organisation that wants to increase your people’s capacity to lead.

You want your people to think and behave in alignment with a particular set of values.

You want those values to deliver on your strategic purpose.

One-on-one leadership coaching gives leaders the opportunity to reach their potential and deliver on the purpose of the organisation.

“I became very aware of my Knower behaviours and how these were not appreciated. I developed new habits and rituals to counter this. I will always be a Knower, but I know I am a Knower. This has contributed significantly to my ability to create an enabling approach to leadership and eliminate coercive behaviours.”

Bill Withers
Company Founder

“I'd say take the leap. I think she's an amazing coach. It comes down to how open you are as an individual to really engage with that. It is completely safe. I would rate her as the one to help you on that journey. She is fantastic. Extraordinary.”

Tracy Green
Executive General Manager


"No one is ever wise enough by themselves "